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Hungary has 22 wine regions


Tokaji aszú: is not a grape but a type of wine. It is mainly made using berries of furmint and hárslevelű, and to a lesser extent sárgamuskotály (yellow muscatel), that have undergone ‘noble rot’. In the unique microclimate of Tokaj-Hegyalja. According to tradition, the number of puttony (small wooden tubs of approximately 20-25 kg each) of aszú grapes that are put into a ‘gönc’ barrel of 136 litres determines the rating of the aszú wine that is made from such grapes.


Egri or Szekszárdi Bikavér: In the world of distinct, fashionable-sounding cuvées as a standard that it must consist of at least three wines, and in Szekszárd they endeavour to give Kadarka. Under the influence of vineyard reconstruction in Hungary there appeared in Eger Blaufrankish, Médoc noir, Portugieser, and sometimes Cabernet along¬side Kadarka. In Szekszárd the making of Bull’s Blood continued to be based on Kadar¬ka, supplemented by Blaufrankish and Merlot.

Did you know, that there are several wine EVENTS in Hungary in year 2015

  • 28 March – Grand Tasting in Tokaj
  • 8-10 May – Rosalia 2015 in Budapest ( Gesztenyés Garden ) Festivities to greet the incoming summer with fresh roses, sparkling wines and champagnes.
  • 21-24 May – Gourmet Festival in Budapest ( Millenáris Park ) In accordance with the tradition, with the participation of tasting from excellent local restaurants, best winemakers and wine merchants.
  • 27 June – VinAgora Wine Gala In Budapest ( Boscolo New York Palace )
  • 9-12 June – Eger Bulls’ Blood Festival (Egri Bikavér Ünnep) This wine festival is proud of its 10 years history; it is one of the most significant touristic and gastronomic event of wine loves in Eger, to be held in the romantic garden of Érsekkert,
  • 9-13 September – Wine Festival in the Buda Castle (Budavári Borfesztivál) 2015 : the Wine Festival in the Buda Castle – to be held on the terraces of the Buda Castle – will present not only products from Hungarian winemakers, but several foreign wines supplied by major wine distributors.
  • 4-6 October – Villány Red Wine Festival : Visitors will have the opportunity to taste the best wines of the region. This is the most significant event in the Villány region, which will be enhanced by musical production and traditional performances.


RECOMMENDED Wine HOTELS Hungary countryside for INDIVIDUALS:

If you are interested to organise special wine tasting in any of below hotel and or at 22 Hungarian wine region – Group request/wine tasting

Andrássy Rezidencia Wine & Spa*****
North-East Hungary/Tarcal
42-Andrassy_Rezidencia_Wine_Spa-1 42-Andrassy_Rezidencia_Wine_Spa-2
42-Andrssy_Rezidencia_Wine_Spa-4 42-andrassy-rezidencia-wine-and-spa-3

Hotel Eger&Park****
North-East Hungary/Eger
43-Eger-Park-1 43-Eger-Park-2
43-Eger-Park-3 43-Eger-Park-4

Anna Grand Hotel Wine & Vital****
Balaton region/Balatonfüred
44-Anna-Grand-Balatonfured-1 44-Anna-Grand-Balatonfured-2
44-Anna-Grand-Balatonfured-3 44-Anna-Grand-Balatonfured-4

Liszkay Vineyard Estate
Balaton region/Monoszló
45-Liszkay-1 45-Liszkay-2
45-Liszkay-3 45-Liszkay-4

Hotel Bonvino Badacsony****
Balaton region/Badacsony
46-Bonvino-Badacsony-1 46-Bonvino-Badacsony-2
46-Bonvino-Badacsony-3 46-Bonvino-Badacsony-4

Crocus Gere Bor Hotel Wine Spa****
47-Crocus-Gere-1 47-Crocus-Gere-2
47-Crocus-Gere-3 47-Crocus-Gere-4

Bock Hotel Ermitage****
48-Bock-Ermitage-1 48-Bock-Ermitage-2
48-Bock-Ermitage-3 48-Bock-Ermitage-4

Takler Pince Panzió
South-Hungary/Szekszárd Decs
49-Takler-1 49-Takler-2
49-Takler-3 49-Takler-4

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